Tree & Shrub Removal

We are highly skilled in tree climbing and the removal of most trees in the landscape.  We can remove, chip and dispose of all debris as well as provide stump grinding services. We believe in doing everything we can to save and restore a tree, before we remove it. With proper planting placement, and pruning practice, trees can live for hundreds of years. However, occasionally a tree is too dangerous, diseased or damaged to remain in the landscape. Our expert team is skilled in safely removing all manner of trees, including dangerous ones. Our certified arborists assess trees for damage and determine whether they can be saved and restored or if they must be removed.

Removing or relocating trees and shrubs can provide a good alternative and also change the landscape by saving trees and shrubs and creating new visual experiences in the landscape.  Most trees and shrubs can be relocated during the dormant period saving healthy trees and shrubs and costly plants.

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