Tree & Shrub Pruning/Surgery

isalarger_2.pngThe landscape garden is unique from one property to the next whether it’s strata, commercial or a residential property, the common Rose to that specimen tree in the landscape or even the perfectly manicured mature Cedar hedge, we at JL Lawn and Tree Care are committed to providing excellence and professional knowledge with our trained staff to conquer any pruning challenge your garden will require to ensure longevity and promote healthy trees and shrubs in the landscape.

Young Tree Training

One of the most successful ways to ensure longevity in a tree or shrub is the pruning / training of young trees in the landscape.  Pruning during the first 7 years of a trees life will ensure a healthy strong branch structure free of defects and solid scaffolding of branches while the tree is immature.  Setting a tree up with a solid branch structure at this stage of growth is key to creating a strong canopy and eliminating future problems.  Our skilled staff is trained in proper pruning techniques and young tree training.

Hedge Trimming

We are highly skilled in hedge pruning and shaping.  From trimming 20 ft cedar hedges to 1 ft Boxwood hedges we have the equipment and skills to prune any hedge in the landscape.  

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