Stump Grinding & Root Pruning

Our Vermeer 252 Stump Cutter can remove almost any size tree or shrub stump quickly and efficiently. The rotating cutting disk simply chips away at the stump above ground then grinds below ground to a 16 inch depth to remove roots leaving beneficial mulch that breaks down to provide useful garden compost.

Simply grind and go or remove the chips and repair the area back to original condition.

  • Stump Grinding up to 4 ft. diameter
  • Grinds to depths of 16 inches
  • Fits through standard 36” wide gate
  • Root pruning next to concrete walkways, driveways and paths
  • Safe fast grinding
  • Easy access to backyards or tight spaces
  • Minimal impact to lawn and gardens
  • We can remove chips or simply grind and go!

Serving Tree & Landscape Contractors, Homeowners, and Municipalities since 2001.

Call for a quote on one or multiple stumps.

Contractor rates available.

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