Paving and flag stone patios

Homeowners have many reasons to prefer using paving stones rather than concrete. Pavers are stronger and more resistant to wear and tear, less expensive to repair, and enhance the beauty of homes in a way that concrete cannot.  Paving stones truly are a great investment for your property.  We're experts at installing pavers, whether you need a small path or an entire driveway. We work with you to select the perfect colors, textures, and patterns that will compliment your home.

When selecting a paving contractor, you want one who not only provides high quality work, but one who will create a unique design that matches your home. At JL Lawn and Tree Care we do both.

For those who enjoy outdoor living and entertaining, a stone patio is an attractive alternative to constructing a deck. Its placement puts you at the same level as your garden rather than above it, allowing pathways to seamlessly integrate into the design.  A stone patio requires less maintenance and repair than a wood deck. It never requires refinishing or staining. Additionally, your feet will thank you. Patios provide cooler surfaces than decks during summer months, and won't splinter or rot. When constructed professionally, a patio will last for many decades.

At JL Lawn and Tree Care, we pride ourselves on working with customers to build the perfect patio for each home. By selecting the right materials and creating the perfect design, your new patio will enhance the natural beauty of your property.

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