Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization of trees and shrubs is an excellent way to ensure a long and healthy plant life.  In many cases we fertilize our lawns multiple times a year but rarely fertilize trees and shrubs and yes they need nutrients as well!  In many properties we find lawns and shrubs surrounding trees and shrubs, competing for valuable nutrients by leaching nutrients from the surface.  Deep Root Fertilization feeds the roots directly ensuring all trees and shrubs receive fertilizer equally.

The use of a probe and a high pressure injection system we supply a slow release fertilizer directly to the roots of shrubs and trees in the top 12 inches of the soil where 90 percent of the feeder roots live.  This ensures all roots receive fertilizer as opposed to surface fertilization which must migrate down through the soil to reach the roots.

The fertilizer we use is a timed slow release fertilizer which can last up to 9 months in the soil for a slow and even feeding.  We recommend this service on any tree or shrub including young plants to mature trees to ensure a healthy root structure and promote growth.  Hedges can greatly benefit from this to thicken up and promote new growth with a high Nitrogen content often times speeding up the growth of newly planted hedges 50 percent over non fertilized hedges.  The results are truly amazing.

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